Mantis Blackbeard X Dryfire Training Tool (No Laser)

$ 299.95


The Mantis BlackbeardX combines the two most powerful training platforms available - the MantisX and the Mantis Blackbeard. Additionally, it unleashes a completely new capability that the world has never seen before: in-depth dynamic shooting analysis. BlackbeardX goes far beyond a shot timer - it includes motion-based analysis of your efficiency in a high-speed, multi-target engagement. It analyzes your economy of motion across multiple dimensions, giving you real-time feedback on where and how you can improve your dynamic shooting.

Genius? Yes. Complicated? No. The BlackbeardX connects to the existing MantisX app via Bluetooth, and gives you access to all the drills and courses you are already accustomed to. Additionally, new drills are unlocked and displayed automatically when connected to a BlackbeardX.

Each of the dynamic shooting drills gives you a score (0-100) based on a combination of three factors: 

1) On-target delay score. Most shooters delay on target for longer than they need to. This metric tells you exactly how long you delay - and how much faster you could go with the same level of accuracy.

2) Over-travel. Multi-target transitions are often accompanied by moving the gun past or through a target before coming back to take the shot. BlackbeardX quantifies the egregiousness of the over-travel movement.

3) Transition path. The most efficient path between two targets? A straight line. Deviate from that path, and your score decreases. The more efficient the path, the more effective the shooting.

Combining these three metrics with a visualization of your shooting scenario crystallizes understanding we never had access to before.

Comparisons: Compare your session to previous session or those of other shooters.  Every dimension is comparatively scored, with overlaid visualizations to easier distill strengths/weaknesses and consistencies/inconsistencies.

Heat Trace: a quick toggle enables you to see where your speed changes are impacting your movements, and how your movements are impacting your speed changes.

Drill Settings:  You can set the allowable/acceptable on-target delay, the start buzzer timing constraints, and par times.

Phase Times: A detailed shot-by-shot breakdown of how long you stayed on target post-shot (goal: minimize this and start transitioning sooner), how much time was spent transitioning, and how much time you stayed on target pre-shot.

And this is just the beginning.  Expect regular, significant, free app updates.