NEVR-DULL Magic Wadding Polish

$ 8.95

NEVR-DULL Magic Wadding Polish

NEVR-DULL is an extraordinary cleaning wonder that shines all metals with sparkling ease. Each can contains a generous supply of specially treated cotton wadding cloth. Simply remove a piece of wadding from the can and rub it thoroughly over the surface to be polished. NEVR-DULL works instantly, removing tarnish and dirt. Wipe with a clean, dry rag, and metals are restored to their original luster.

  • Unique, treated cotton wadding cloth
  • No spills, no mixing, no liquids or powders
  • Completely safe for all metals
  • Leaves no residue on surfaces or in crevices
  • Will not scratch or corrode
  • Fast, effective, and easy to use

So effective and so economical, NEVR-DULL is the only metal polish you'll ever have to buy.

NEVR-DULL Cleans and Polishes

  •  Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Pewter
  • Silver
  • Chromium
  • Nickel
  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • Gold

NEVR-DULL is the perfect choice for any polishing need.

NEVR-DULL can NOT ship to California. 

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