Peterson Brass 6X47 Lapua

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Peterson Brass 6x47 Lapua 50ct

*The flip top cases are considered protective packaging and cannot be replaced if cracked during shipment.

Made in the U.S.A.

Most competitive shooters know and respect the caliber 6.5x47 Lapua. But there is another community that really likes the necked down 6x47 Lapua. Most 6x47 shooters dread the tedium of having to neck the 6.5 casings down. Problem solved ? Peterson Cartridge now offers factory made 6x47 Lapua.

Many shooters like the 6x47 Lapua because it produces faster velocities. Also the recoil is even less than the relatively low recoil 6.5. Some shooters like the 6x47 because they find that 6mm bullets outperform the 6.5 projectiles.

So Peterson Cartridge has released factory-made, properly headstamped 6x47 Lapua casings.This is not loaded ammunition.

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