Polecat 5/8 Head W/Stop Collar V2

$ 162.95

Polecat 5/8 Head W/Stop Collar V2

Complete 5/8" Polecat V2 Head Only

The spotting scope stand for serious shooters. Whether you're shooting prone indoors or fighting the wind outdoors on uneven ground, you'll find the Polecat V2 performs great with scopes of nearly every shape and size. Natural Point of Aim (NPA) is a critical key to success in shooting sports. The Polecat V2 allows you to maintain a consistent NPA by offsetting the scope from the stand to prevent major body shifts when looking through the scope, all while keeping the tripod base out of your way. It's extremely easy to manipulate when finding your target through the scope, but also stays aligned when tightened.

The Polecat V2 Scope Stand is an updated version of our best selling spotting scope stand. We've been collecting feedback from shooters across many disciplines for several years. We've drawn a lot of designs and made dozens of prototypes for testing on the range.

Major Improvements

  • No pretension adjustments needed. Horizontal and vertical resistance is controlled by the knurled tightening knob. This also means the performance is not impacted by climate.
  • A pre-aligned Delrin clamp means you don't have to spin the clamp to align with the rods during stand assembly.
  • It looks really cool!


  • Made in the USA with American material
  • All parts are machined from solid aluminum, Delrin, and stainless steel for the highest possible quality and durability
  • Leveling setscrew to adjust one leg on uneven ground
  • Zero play (slop), giving you the ability to quickly and easily make adjustments
  • One-handed operation/adjustment
  • 1/4"-20 standard spotting scope thread
  • For use by left or right-handed shooters
  • The scope may be positioned above or below the scope head
  • Approximately 5" standoff from the center of stand to center of the scope
  • Includes stop collar and to keep the scope from inadvertently slamming into the ground
  • Includes head, stop collar, one extension rod, and base.
  • Rods are constructed from aluminum

*Scope not included