Protektor Pillow Bag (6x6x2) Empty

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Protektor Pillow Bag (6x6x2) Empty

The Protektor Pillow Bag is an outstanding, general purpose piece of equipment that allows the Bench Rest or F-Class Shooter to be prepared for anything.

Whether you choose to use it as an elbow, hand or body rest, a squeeze bag, or possibly even as a spacer bag in a pinch, the Pillow Bag is a must have item for your shooting kit.

Priced at under $20.00 and only requiring a 6x6x2 inch footprint to improve any shooting position, the Pillow Bag offers some of the best "bang for buck" benefits.

Best complemented with a Creedmoor Sports Soup Can Bag and Deluxe Fold-Up Shooting mat with customized rear bag cutout.