Protektor Windage Long Range Front Shooting Rest #61

$ 299.95

Protektor Windage Long Range Front Shooting Rest #61

Complete your Bench Rest and F-Class set-up with the fully adjustable Protektor Long Range Shooting Rest. Match it to your Protektor rear and front bag pairing and you're ready to compete!

Made in the USA with 100% aluminum construction, the Shooting Rest provides a lightweight yet solid foundation for the forestock of your rifle. With an integrated Front Bag slide mount, you simply pick your preferred Protektor Front Bag and put it into place! The Shooting Rest offers the ability to make vertical adjustments with the ergonomic spindle for both right or left handed shooters and lock that elevation into place as well as a fully adjustable forend stop.

Additionally, the rest truly distinguishes itself with the integrated windage adjustment rod. Simply turn the knob and the rest glides left or right for the largest or the most minor of adjustments.

Best paired with any Protector front and rear bag as well as a pillow or brick bag.

Additional specs:

  • 7/8" Threaded Rod,
  • Adjustable height from 4-7/8" - 7",
  • Adjustable forend stop,
  • Fits standard sized Protektor bags,
  • Weight without bag - 5.65 lbs.,
  • Weight with bag - 6.90 lbs.,
  • 7-3/4" x 14" Footprint and 100%
  • MADE IN U.S.A.

*Note Price is without bag.


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