Radians Vertex Nano Electronic Earplugs

$119.95 $ 94.95

Radians Vertex Nano Electronic Earplugs

The Vertex NANO premium in-ear hearing protection provides all-day comfort and protection. The custom micro-circuitry has 2 mode levels for standard and enhanced amplification with a less than 0.02 second reaction time to protect against dangerous impulse noises. Dedicated right and left plugs are each powered by ultra-efficient 312 zinc air cell for up to 120 hours battery life. Batteries included, plus extra bonus set of batteries.

  • Hi-Low Sound Compression (85dB and 105dB)
  • 5X Enhancement of Everyday Sounds
  • NRR 25
  • Sport Ear Hooks
  • Optional Corded Tether
  • Carrying Case
  • Rubberized Paint for Soft-touch Feel

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