RCBS Tm Primer Pocket Uniformer


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RCBS Trim Mate Primer Pocket Uniformer

Uniform and clean primer pockets with this RCBS Primer Pocket uniformer. Carbide cutter trues up the depth of the primer pocket to the correct SAAMI depth specification, cleans carbon from fired brass and squares the bottom of the primer pocket for uniform primer seating. 


  • Fits RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center (8-32 threads)
  • Will work with other power units equipped with female threads such as the Hornady Case Prep Trio
  • Use by hand in handles threaded to take 8-32 male threads
  • Includes one carbide primer pocket uniformer threaded to 8-32  (select from the dropdown to select size)
  • Large Rifle
  • Small Rifle/Small Pistol
  • Large Pistol

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