Real Avid AR-15 Gun Tool Pro

$59.99 $ 49.95

Real Avid AR-15 Gun Tool Pro

When it comes to mission-specific tools, the Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is packed with functionality.

Thirty-five highly-capable tools in a tactical, rugged frame work with ease and precision to keep AR15s firing reliably and accurately. From tear down and scraping carbon, to maintenance and reassembly, the Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is the partner to have in the field, at the range or on the workbench.

  • Magnetic small parts storage compartment
  • Spring loaded hatch
  • Includes: 3/32 allen, 7/64 allen, 1/8 allen, 9/64 allen, 3/16 allen, #1 phillips, 3/32 flat, 3/16 flat, ar15 pin punch
  • Tap hammer (side-mounted 1/4 bit wrench on reverse side)
  • Lanyard loop
  • Bolt override
  • Torx T10
  • Torx T15
  • Torx T20
  • 9-function bolt carrier group scraper
  • Cotter pin puller
  • 8-32 threaded receiver fits standard gun cleaning rods, cables, brushes and implements
  • Stainless steel internal frame with liner locks
  • Fine metal file
  • Bolt carrier carbon scraper
  • 1/4 bit driver
  • Claw-point utility knife

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