Real Avid Bolt and Carrier Scraper AR-10

$19.99 $ 14.00

Real Avid Bolt and Carrier Scraper AR-10

A dirty bolt carrier group (BCG) is the #1 cause of AR-10 malfunctions. Carbon is the enemy and it quickly builds up in hard to clean areas. This precision made tool gives you the power to easily remove carbon from 11 surfaces on the bolt carrier, bolt, bolt cam pin & firing pin.

Clean it fast, clean it right.

The AR-10 Scraper has one mission. Remove carbon fast. With a punch for the firing pin retaining pin at the front of the tool, speed is the name of the game. With 12 precision cut scraping surfaces, the AR-10 Scraper tool removes carbon from the 4 major parts of the BCG: the bolt carrier, bolt, bolt cam pin and the firing pin. Put your solvents down and pick your gun up because the Real Avid AR-10 Scraper will keep you shooting. Tactically optimized, this scraper is the definition of modern gun maintenance.

  • Retaining pin punch
  • Inside & outside of bolt tail & bolt tail shoulder
  • 1/4" driver bit
  • 2 interior bolt carrier surfaces
  • Pivoting cover
  • Bolt cam pin
  • Bolt lugs
  • Bolt tail
  • Bottle opener / cartridge scraper
  • Bolt face
  • Cleans firing pin large diameter
  • Cleans firing pin small diameter

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