Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit .22

$29.99 $ 24.95

Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit .22

Home and field double duty, single caliber specialized gun cleaning kits.

Kits include the Bore Boss for a quick clean any time you shoot your gun and an expanded gun cleaning kit with all the tools you need to fully clean bore, action and chamber.

Gun Boss Multi-Kits include the following tools:

  • Expanded cleaning kit to fully clean bore, action and chamber
  • Bore Boss (caliber specific)
  • Ergonomic T-handle
  • Bore patch jag and slotted tip
  • Phosphor bronze bore brush (caliber specific)
  • Nylon bore brush (caliber specific)
  • Bore mop (caliber specific)
  • 25 bore patches
  • Easy-access compartment
  • Accu-grip detailing pick
  • 4-piece coated steel rod
  • Molded case holds components in place
  • Smart brush (narrow)
  • Smart brush (diamond-shape)
  • Butterfly style case lays flat when open
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