Redding Slant Bed Concentricity Gauge

$ 179.95

Redding Slant Bed Concentricity Gauge

Quickly identify excessive case neck and bullet run-out of your loaded rounds.

The unique ergonomic design improves precision and ease of use. A fixed vertical indicator stand places the indicator face at the ideal sight angle of 30 degrees and eliminates the possibility of off-center readings.

The "Slant Bed" design moves the bearing surface down and away from the user, making case rotation easier and more precise. Precision stainless steel bearings provide single point contact with the cartridge case. Linear adjustment for various cartridge lengths is simplified with bearing sliders mounted on stainless steel guideways.


  • Ergonomic Design - Ready to Use - Shipped complete w/dial indicator.
  • Fixed indicator position - eliminates set-up errors. Precision stainless steel bearings mounted on linear guideways will accept any cartridge case from 17 Hornet to 408 CheyTac.
  • Supplied with non-skid rubber feet or use the direct mounting holes.
  • May be easily converted to a left-hand arrangement.

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