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Ron Brown Sling

Each leather service rifle sling is hand-stitched by Ron Brown. The sling is made from the highest quality leather available, Hermann Oak Leather; a company in business since 1881. All rifle slings are edged and creased; embossed with the Eagle Match Logo; and holes are numbered. All hardware is government spec; D-rings are oversized and parkerized; and frog hooks are made by Waterbury Buckle, the oldest government contractor still making buckles in the United States. Prior to shipping, all slings are treated with neat's-foot oil guaranteeing years of use in the harshest conditions. This is simply the highest quality rifle sling money can buy. Service rifle slings are available in saddle-tan and black. All slings are 54" but easily cut to desired length- 1 1/4".

In order to make your Ron Brown Rifle Sling more limber, these suggestions may help: Using a round, smooth surface, like on a coat hanger rod or round table leg, run the sling back and forth on the flesh side, vigorously, as though you are polishing a pair of shoes. This will break down the fibers in the leather so they will be more limber and flexible. Ron Brown does this to every sling before it leaves his factory, but because leather is a natural product, each piece differs from the other and it may need more attention. With use, all leather will limber, but this will bring faster results.

Do not use Neetsfoot oil on top of Ron Brown's Aussie conditioner because it affects the leather negatively. When the slings leave their workshop, they are all ready to go and should be good for years.

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