ROTC .177 Cleaning Kit

$ 24.95

This unique kit contains 1 (3 pack) .17 Caliber bore whips, (1) 4 oz can of TSI 301, and is packed in our specially designed nylon bag with Velcro closure.


Description of Bore Whip (3-pack):


Works with most air guns 'Precision or Sporter'

Functions as an ECI

One piece construction for easy pull-through use

No metal to scratch your firearm

Washable and reusable

Washes like Bore-tips

Made in the USA



Description of the TSI 301 4 oz. aerosol can:


Preferred cleaning solvent of top U.S. Air Rifle teams.

Non-petroleum based so it will not cause dieseling (when the pressure behind the pellet causes the oil to explode, or "diesel")

Made in the USA

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