Starline 6mm ARC Brass Cases

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Starline 6mm ARC Brass Cases    

100 Ct 

1.479" - 1.485" O.A.L.

Starline Brass has added another caliber, the 6mm ARC to the growing lineup of high-quality brass. Starline's 6mm ARC brass is produced with the same demanding quality control standards for which it has been produced.

The 6mm ARC, or Advanced Rifle Cartridge, is essentially a shortened 6.5 Grendel that has been necked down to 6mm. The ability to load high BC bullets to magazine length in an AR-style rifle makes this efficient little cartridge an excellent choice for long range and target work. It also has the ability to shoot lighter varmint bullets as well as having enough velocity to achieve proper bullet performance with many hunting type bullets suitable for deer size game. The 6mm ARC makes an excellent choice for those looking for a low recoil, flexible option in AR's and in bolt action rifles without much downside. Several manufacturers are offering complete AR-style rifles and many more are offering barrels. Bolt action and single shot rifles and pistols are also available in this cartridge.

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