Starrett M1 Oil 12 Oz Can

$ 12.95

Starrett M1 Oil 12 Oz Can

M1 lubricant produces a micro-thin, airtight coating that simultaneously dries as it protects, avoiding dirt, grime, etc. It dries and will not attract dirt, dust or other contaminants as other leading lubricants do.

  • Silicone free making M1 an excellent lubricant
  • Stands up to extreme temperatures making it ideal year-round
  • Deep-down penetration works quickly to free frozen nuts, bolts and metal parts
  • Removes grease, tar and grime from metal parts and painted surfaces
  • Cleans and polishes for lasting protection
  • Protects metal against rust and corrosion damage by providing a molecular shield that locks to the metal
  • Has instant lubrication properties that spread into those hard-to-reach metal parts to stop squeaking and sticking
  • Gets under moisture to lift it away from the surface to be protected
  • Prevents short circuits in high moisture environments
  • Halt electrical leakage fromwet ignition wires
  • Container: Can
  • Quantity (oz): 12oz.
  • Quantity (l): 0.5l
  • Odor: Pleasant
  • Color: Amber (clear)
  • Specific gravity: 0.80 at 60F (15.5C)
  • Viscosity: 2.2 cSt (centiStokes) converts to 10.5 SUS (seconds universal Saybolt) at 72F (22.2C)
  • Lubrication: 1500lb (680.4kg) of pressure (independent testing)
  • Flash point: 152F (67C) T.O.C. (Toledo Open Cup)
  • Percent Non-volatile: 15% by weight
  • Percent volatile: 85% by weight petroleum distillate
  • Pour point: -100F (-73C) excellent low temperature stability
  • Evaporation rate: 0.7 (water = 1)
  • Coverage: 3,500 to 4,000 sq. ft. (72-82 sq. m) per U.S. Gal. (4.5l)

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