TEC-HRO Fusion Buttplate

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TEC-HRO Fusion Buttplate

Butt-plate "TEC-HRO fusion"

Innovations and advancements of the new butt-plate "TEC-HRO fusion":

  • Three-dimensional adjustable shoulder contact surfaces (with ball joints) 
  • Short design (the length of the stock stays individually adjustable) 
  • New construction of the hook and therefore best possible anatomic adaptability (suitable for full-bore shooting)
  • The complete hook can be offset sideways (e.g. undesired levering out when lowering the right arm in a standing position can be prevented) 
  • Longitudinally adjustable middle part for optimal adjustment to the shoulder radius 
  • High-end German manufacturing 
  • Attractive design 
  • Very stable lightweight-construction

As the name fusion already expresses, this butt-plate lets your rifle and your shoulder merge into a perfectly matched unit.

Delivery incl. screws for mounting it on your rifle and analogs Allen-wrench (without adapter).

Adaptive for stocks from: Feinwerkbau(FWB), Anschutz, Walther, MEC, TESRO, Grunig & Elmiger, Bleiker...

Attention new ISSF rules from 2013

It is now no longer allowed that butt-plates for free rifle have a deeper than 25mm radius. For many manufacturers, it is possible that radius can become illegal - which can sometimes lead to disqualification!

In "TEC-HRO fusion" the deepest adjustment is exactly 25mm!