TEC-HRO Integral Palm Shelf

$ 247.45

TEC-HRO Integral Palm Shelf


TEC-HRO INTEGRAL palm-shelf is a multi adjustable support for shooting standing with Sport and Free rifles.

The compact construction provides 30mm of fore-end elevation, which can be extended to 60mm with the supplied spacers. Additional height can be supplied to extend the height to 100mm and beyond.

The unit can also be moved laterally, allowing the shooter to move the stock closer to, or further from, their body. The various options mean it can be used with either a supporting fist, or held in the palm of the hand...

Fits all standard accessory rails: TEC-HRO, Feinwerkbau(FWB), Anschutz, Walther, MEC, TESRO, Grunig & Elmiger, Bleiker...

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