TEC-HRO Precise Light Sight


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TEC-HRO Precise Light Sight

TEC-HRO Precise-Light Sight

  • All components are milled or turned with high precision from solid material
  • All parts made of steel and aluminum (No Plastic!)
  • Backlash-free and precise clicks
  • Robust construction - can be used for centerfire
  • Replicable adjustment
  • Impact shift per click: 1.2 mm at 50 m, 0.2 mm at 10 m (20 clicks)
  • Glass pearl blasted and anodized surface

The supplied iris can be replaced with other adjustable or color filter irises. The existing thread is 9.5 x 1 which is compatible with all components from MEC, Centra, Gehmann, Anschutz, etc. 

Fits Anschütz, Walther, Diana, TESRO, Bleiker, Feinwerkbau, Hämmerli, Grünig & Elmiger, SIG, biathlon...