TEC-HRO System Auflage 2.0


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TEC-HRO System Auflage 2.0

"TEC-HRO system Auflage 2.0" is not just a sight-back displacement, but also offers the ability to laterallyof 4 or 8 mm outsource the sight to the right or left to make the position of the head as possible comfortable and stress-free as possible!

Furthermore, "TEC-HRO system Auflage 2.0" with the "distance kit" (sold separately) be varied from 11mm to 2 mm up to a total height of 31mm.

The created from a single piece of stainless steel spacers ensure the precise fits and fittings for maximum stability of your "Sight elevation".

With this sight-back-displacement the shooter doesn't need to make any more compromises, but the sight can be optimally adjusted to the individual requirements so as to have the best conditions for maximum performance!

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