The Essential M1 Garand Book

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The Essential M1 Garand Book

A Practical and Historical Guide for Shooters and Collectors

By Jim Thompson

Essential reading for collectors and historians

The first self-loading rifle to see widespread military use, the robust M1 Garand survived the tests of battle from World War II to Vietnam, and it remains a favorite among competition shooters and collectors to this day.

In this heavily illustrated, practical history, author Jim Thompson, a longtime M1 shooter and collector, tells the complete story of the rifle's development, look, feel, and function. A thoroughly researched overview of the M1 Garand goes beyond industrial histories and provides background on manufacturers and stateside sources as well as discussing ammunition and accuracy. Detailed photo sections present:

  • Early and World War II rifles
  • World War II and postwar rebuilds
  • Special purpose rifles and rarities, including sniper, match, and competition rifles
  •  Spinoffs and derivatives, including the M14, M1A, and BM.59

In addition, reprinted and heavily annotated military and National Match manuals, an updated troubleshooting chart, and a section on reloading provide valuable functional data and rules of thumb with the shooter in mind. Collectors will benefit from an extensive parts compendium.

The final part of the book, dedicated to the enjoyment and maintenance of the M1, addresses some common questions about the rifle and offers detailed instruction on some expert procedures for maintaining and smoothing this wartime classic.

Jim Thompson is an internationally published firearms writer, photographer, and consultant with more than five decades of experience as a serious shooter and experimenter. He purchased his first M1 in 1963. His dedication to precise historical research combined with his practical, empirical insight has yielded significant contributions to the fields of military history and weapons development. He resides in Wisconsin.

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