Triebel Sizing Die Bushing


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Triebel Sizing Die Bushing

We offer a variety of bushing dimensions for 7/8" and 1 1/4" Triebel dies. To determine the appropriate size, measure your neck wall thickness with a ball-type micrometer. Double this measurement and add the bullet diameter. This will give you the dimension of a loaded cartridge. Subtract .001 from this number for a good starting point when choosing your appropriate bushing size. Be sure to select the correct die size.

(2*(Wall Thickness) + Bullet Diameter) - .001 = Bushing Size

If you don't have a ball-type micrometer, another easy way to determine bushing size is to measure the outside diameter of the neck on a loaded cartridge, then subtract .001. You can subtract .002-.003 if more neck tension is desirable for applications such as hunting.

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