Vertical Rifle Rack For Cart Conversion Kit

$ 62.95

Vertical Rifle Rack For Creedmoor Sports Cart Conversion Kit

With input from competitors at the 2019 National Matches, we've come up with a brand new Cart Rack design for our Creedmoor Sports Cart Conversion Kit! The new design allows for the rifle to sit vertically and lets you use a rain cover. With the rubber hoses holding your rifle at the top and bottom, you won't have to worry about the rifle falling off. The racks are made of Delrin which helps to avoid wear marks or scratches on your rifle.

Also, this design allows for adjustment along the frame of the cart. For longer rifles, move the top and bottom racks further apart. For short rifles, move them closer together. The racks can also be assembled to switch from the right or left side of the cart.

More images coming soon. Some images shown are for the Creedmoor Range Cart, but the same concept applies to the Cart Conversion. On the Cart Conversion model, the bottom bracket fits a tube and the top bracket fits the Creedmoor Sports Cart Conversion frame, which is not round. If you have a different brand of cart, you may need to modify this rifle rack.

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