Wilson Case Holder Clamp

$ 28.95

Wilson Case Holder Clamp

The Wilson Case Holder Clamp is an accessory to hold down the case holder when trimming brass in a Wilson Case Trimmer. This very handy accessory is an alternative to holding down the case holder with one hand while turning the crank with the other or operating a power source with the optional Wilson Power Adapter. This clamp is made to fasten to most trimmer stands designed for the Wilson Case Trimmer.


  • Case from solid 304 stainless steel.
  • Designed to work with the Wilson Case Trimmer Stand (sold separately or as part of a trimmer kit).
  • Reduces hand fatigue when trimming a lot of cases. Especially for those with any arthritic hands.
  • May not be compatible when using some Q-Type Case Holders (Pistol cartridges).


  • Thread Case Holder Clamp onto Wilson Case Trimmer Stand and gently tighten in place using the bottom nut.
  • Set your Wilson Case Holder with case installed onto the twin rails of the case trimmer and hold the case head against the positive stop.
  • Then swing the clamping arm over the case holder to hold in place. Adjust the clamping pressure (increase or decrease) with the adjusting nut on top of the clamp. The pressure should be enough to hold the case holder in place without spinning while turning the case trimmer cutter assembly.

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