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Wilson Case Trimmer Kit with Clamp and Stand

The L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer Kit with a case holder clamp and bench stand is the most accurate case trimmer in the reloading world. The positive stop between the case head and the cutter ensures that each piece of brass is trimmed to the exact same length. This is a tried-and-true design that deserves a place on your reloading bench.


  • Made in the USA with American produced steel by a family company that has been making reloading products since before WWII!
  • Not pilots, no collets - simply purchase the case holder to fit your cartridge.
  • The case holder clamp takes the work out of holding down the case holder manually.
  • The twin rails provide proper alignment of case stop, case holder and cutter head to ensure that case mouths are trimmed squarely every time.
  • Robust construction - primarily of stainless steel for a lifetime of use.
  • Extremely easy to setup and use!
  • The Wilson stand is powder coated for protection and establishes a comfortable height at the workbench. It can be clamped in place with a single C-clamp on permanently fastened to your benchtop.
  • Accommodates a wide range of cartridges from the 223 Remington/5.56 family all the way up to the 50 BMG.
  • Can be powered with a Wilson Power Adapter (ordered separately) and your power source (drill, power screwdriver, etc.)
  • Case holders must be ordered separately.


  • Insert a case into the correct case holder (tap in place by tapping the case head on a wooden block), place the assembled case/case holder onto the rails, swing case holder clamp into place if desired, and adjust case stop to the proper setting.
  • To obtain the proper setting, utilize a measured fired or new case and place the case head against the case stop and adjust it until it just barely makes contact with the cutter head in the forward position. Then adjust the case stop to the desired trim length.
  • Begin cutting by turning the cutter head or using an optional power adapter with your power drill/screwdriver as a power source. Cut until the cutter head crank assembly comes to rest against the cutter guide. Remove case and debur and chamfer as normal.

Tech Tips:

  • Culled cases or defective cases are great ones to use for checking that the trimmer is set for the correct length.
  • Clear chips frequently using an inexpensive chip brush from a big box store.
  • Make sure you debur the inside and chamfer the outside of the case mouth to make sure bullets aren't scraped when performing the seating operation.
  • Use a leather pad or wooden block to tap cases into and out of the case holder. Keeps freshly trimmed case mouths pristine. Or better yet, mount your trimmer to a Creedmoor Trimmer Platform.
  • When cutter becomes dull, replace with a Wilson Tin Coated Case Trimmer Cutter for an upgrade.

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