Wilson Expanding Mandrel Die


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Wilson Expanding Mandrel Die

The NEW Wilson Expanding Mandrel Sizing Die. This die is designed to be used on NEW brass cases to prepare the case for the seating operation. Over the past few years Wilson has seen a greater need to run new brass cases over and expanding mandrel to properly prepare them for their first firing. New brass cases are often damaged when shipped in bulk, this die will give you a consistent neck diameter on your cases. With correct neck tension you can expect a more consistent seating depth and shot!

Includes one mandrel

Additional mandrels sold separately

  • Cut out in die provides an easy view for making sure case aligns and setting up depth
  • Interchangeable Mandrels depending on caliber
  • Standard 7/8ths Reloading Press
  • Die ONLY expands neck to slightly under bullet diameter
  • Stainless Parts for a Long Lasting Finish
  • Durable and Accurate
  • L.E. Wilson manufactured lock nut - thickness is .225" from inside to outermost edge .270" for height and 1.250" total width OD

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