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Wilson Inside Neck Reamer
The Wilson Inside Neck Reamer is used to remove material from the inside of the case mouth, specifically the neck area. It is intended to use on overly thick necks or to remove doughnuts caused by sizing operations or neck turning. Also can be used when forming wildcat cartridges.


  • This tool is designed to remove excess material from inside the case neck.
  • Standard reamers are intended for use on fired, un-sized cases.
  • See dimensions of cut in the product description in the drop=down selection.
  • Special sizes can be ground but require lead time. Call to order.
  • Wilson Inside Case Neck Reamers remove material evenly from the walls of the case neck. The use of a reamer will not uniform case necks.
  • Made to use in the Wilson case trimmer in place of the regular cutter.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Install the Wilson Inside Neck Reamer into the trimmer cutter housing in place of the trimmer cutter assembly.
  • Insert a case to be reamed into a case holder and lay on rails and hold with clamping feature.
  • Case must be tamped into the holder securely to keep the case from turning when the reaming begins.
  • Turn the Wilson Inside Neck Reamer knurled knob in a clockwise direction or away from you if looking at the trimmer.
  • Turn the reamer until the reamer has exited the case neck and enters the case body.
  • Withdraw the Inside Neck Reamer while continuing to turn.
  • Chamfer and debur case mouths after reaming.


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