Wilson Case Holder (New Rifle Cases)


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Wilson Rifle Case Holder (NEW)
The case holder holds the case for trimming, primer pocket reaming, neck reaming, and deburring with L.E. Wilson's Uniform Deburring Tool. The L.E. Wilson Trimmer Case Holder provides the ultimate accuracy and uniformity for trimming your cases. The unique design of the case holder supports the case body, much like a chamber of a firearm. The Case Holders are precisely manufactured for consistent results and repeatability.


• The NEW CASE Holders are for New Cases, neck sized cases and in some cases Full-Length Sized Cases
• If we do not stock a NEW Case Holder then select and use the Standard Fired version.
• Machined from billet steel coated with a proprietary preservative and will provide a lifetime of use.
• Cases are held by body taper, NOT case head. So the diameter of the case and case length determines case holder size
• If you are full-length sizing and find that your case won't fit properly in the NEW case holder it may require a FIRED Case Holder due to an oversized chamber.
• Made in the U.S.A.
** IF Wilson makes a NEW Case Holder, it is for New unfired brass or full-length resized brass. **
***If a NEW Case Holder doesn't exist, then all you will need is the Standard Fired version. ***

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