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Little Crow Gunworks World's Finest Case Trimmer - Original

Each Little Crow World's Finest Case Trimmer (WFT) is designed to fit a specific cartridge or cartridge family such as the 308 Win. In this example, the 308 Winchester WFT would work also for a 243 Win, a 260 Rem, and a 7-08 Rem. Our drop-down list shows the most popular cartridges we carry but there are over 180 different reamers available. Power driven using your power source (drill, motor, etc.) for efficient, quick case trimming.


  • Available for over 180 different cartridges
  • Most of the cartridges listed in the drop-down box are for the largest cartridge in the series. For example, the trimmer that works for the 243 Win, 260 Rem, 7-08 Rem, and 308 Win would be represented by the 308 Win listed in the drop-down selection.
  • Razor sharp high-speed 3/8" tool steel cutters and the sealed ball bearings produce an extremely smooth cut. In most cases, only a slight chamfer and debur will be necessary. 
  • Requires the user to provide the power source (drill, motor, etc.)
  • The case is supported by the shoulder and body of the case.
  • No pilots necessary.
  • Made to work with full length sized cases.
  • Works on bottleneck cartridges only.
  • Developed as a precision tool for a lifetime of use.


  • Most drill chucks have a little wobble in them but with quick experimentation, you can find the sweet spot in your chuck that produces a true rotation.
  • Full length size cases before using.
  • Adjust trim length by loosening two set screws and slide the cutter back and forth to acquire your desired case length. Culled cases are great for setting up case length. Keeping a "master" case that has been trimmed to the proper length speeds up the process.
  • Run drill in the forward position.
  • Remove lube to keep chips from adhering to the case.
  • Keep trimmer blade clear of shavings/chips.
  • Should be able to trim at least 10 cases per minute.