WR Super Smoker Sight Smoker

$ 69.95

WR Super Smoker Sight Smoker

Carbide not included. We are unable to ship carbide.

SIGHT BLACK for the blackest sights and the best reduction of light and glare...there is no better solution than the proven Ray-Vin designed Super Smoker sight smoker. 

The WR Super Smoker (originally designed and patented by Ray-Vin) is a sight smoker, specifically designed to convert calcium carbide to acetylene, then burn the acetylene with limited oxygen to produce a very black non-reflective soot. This soot is applied to the sights of firearms (such as rifles and pistols) making them jet flat black to prevent any sighting issues due to irregular or undesired light, glare, and/or reflection. With so many options on the market, calcium carbide sight black is the BEST sight blackener option available.

The Super Smoker has been engineered for simple and reliable use and constructed from materials to offer corrosion resistance and long trouble-free life. It's a proven design.

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