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Here is how it works
The OBS is inserted instead of a magazine. When the bolt is opened, the built-in plunger trips the bolt catch and holds the bolt open. A single round is then placed in the ejection port and allowed to rest in the channel of the OBS. The bolt release button is pressed and the single round is loaded. When that round is fired, the action cycles normally and the OBS plunger trips the bolt catch lever to hold the bolt open. This provides a very smooth operation for the slow fire that is required during High Power Rifle Competition, Benchrest Competition, load development, and varmint or long range shooting where the length of the bullet may exceed maximum magazine length.

General Advantages:
-Operates and feels like a standard 10 round magazine.
-The loading channel perfectly aligns the round to enter the chamber.
-The plunger automatically activates the bolt stop and holds the bolt open ready for the next round to be loaded.
-The loading lip on the left side is chamfered to prevent a round from lodging on top of it.
-Long rounds, which will not fit in a standard magazine, can be single loaded.
-Delrin? is unbreakable and does not scratch, mar or dent metal parts.
-Excellent for testing new handloads.
-Extra safety when teaching new shooters.
-Designed and Made in the USA on CNC Milling Machinery!

Competition Advantages:
-Keeps your AR-10 straight and level while single loading a round in slow-fire.
-No need to destroy a "good" magazine to make a poor single loading magazine.
-Excellent for standing and prone slow-fire competition!!!
-No need to "break position" when locked down in prone to load a round.

**The AR-10 sled fits only ArmaLite pattern AR-10 rifles and is offered in match rifle length only.**

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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Feb 19, 2017
This makes loading a single loaded cartridge into the Armalite AR10 easy and eliminates damage to bullets and cases that sometimes occurs when using an empty magazine. No need to shake the rifle to align the loaded cartridge with the chamber and reduces the anxiety during slow fire competition caused by cartridges trapped between magazine lips and receiver wall. The bolt is locked open after each shot and the bolt release operates the same why as with the regular magazine. Very reliable!
Mike Grannis

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