1516/1517 Walnut Thumbhole Stock Only

$ 899.95

1516/1517 Walnut Thumbhole Stock Only

These items are generally available within 1 - 2 days in our Birmingham, AL location. Call 1-800-273-3366 for availability.

Well-balanced, oiled walnut stock with roll-over cheek piece, wide beavertail stock and non-slip carved German checkering on the pistol grip, black butt cap, and sling swivel studs.

Advantages of the thumbhole stock:
The modern, ergonomic ANSCHUTZ thumbhole stock is easy to handle and provides improved shooting results because your finger and the ball of your hand are always in the optimum position on the pistol grip. The contoured lines of the pistol grip and wrist of the stock keep your trigger finger in the same position on the trigger blade. In addition, the thumbhole stock provides a rest for your middle finger, which combined with the anatomically-perfect pistol grip provides a stress-free, relaxed shooting position. The ANSCHUTZ thumbhole stock allows your thumb to remain fully relaxed. The ergonomically designed straight comb with roll-over cheek piece ensures perfect head and eye positioning in every situation and type of position; a key element that is important for precision shooting.

Technical Data: 

Stock type: Thumbhole stock
Material: Walnut
Stock color: non-stained
Stock finish: oiled
Total length (mm): 74.5
Item No.: 013300

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