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Hello, the graduations on the target are 200, 300, 500, 600 and 1,000. The graduations on the left side of the target are in inches and at the top of the target is the following, "Sighting Target for Cal. .30 M1 Rifle using M72 Match Ammunition at 50 yards (1/2 inch = 1 elevation click) I was shooting the NRA long range match at Camp Perry in 2002, using a NM M16A2 rifle that I had never fired at 1,000 yards, so didn't have a solid zero. I thought I had rotated the front sight post down into the housing four full revolutions as is the standard procedure. My first shot was nowhere near the target and after firing my seventh shot and not having the target go down, I was removed from the firing line. I went over to the sighting in range and got this very same sight-in target from the old fellow overseeing the range and proceeded to figure out what I had done wrong. My first shot hit out about where the 700 yard increment would be, way out to the right. After a huge dope change, I started breaking the vertical line and after figuring out my front sight graduations, started breaking the 1,000 yard line on the vertical line. The next day, my first shot sent the target into the pits. With minor corrections, I fired four sighters and went for record. I finished the match with a 194, and ended up in a shoot-off in the afternoon. I'm the person who introduced these sight-in targets to Creedmoor and hope they will help folks out that don't have a solid zero on their rifles. I've tried this target on several different calibers and have had success getting a basic zero for each yard line, with and without optics. I hope this answers your questions. Ken