20-60x Kowa Eyepiece For 82SV

$ 350.00

20-60x Kowa Eyepiece For 82SV

Suitable for the following Kowa spotting scopes:
TSN-601, TSN-602, TSN-603*, TSN-604*, TSN-661*, TSN-662*, TSN-663*, TSN-664*, TSN-663M, TSN-664M, TSN-82SV
* No longer in product range.

This eyepiece can also be used with some of Kowa's historic spotting scope models no longer in their product portfolio:

Exit Pupil Eye Relief FOV @ 1000M Magnification Real FOV Relative Brightness Twilight Factor
3.0-1.0mm (TSN 600)
3.3-1.1mm (TSN 660)
3.9-1.3mm (TSN-82SV)
16.5-16mm 33.2-17.5M (TSN 600/660)
31-17M (TSN 82SV)
20-60x (TSN 600/660)
20-63x (TSN 82SV)
1.9-1.0 degrees (TSN 600/660)
1.8-0.95 degrees (TSN 82SV)
9.0-1.0 (TSN 600)
10.9-1.2 (TSN 660)
6.8-1.7 (TSN 82SV)
34.6-60.0 (TSN 600)
36.3-62.9 (TSN 660)
41.5-71.9 (TSN 82SV)

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