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Dillon 550 Quick Change Kit

$ 112.95

RL 550 Series Deluxe Quick Change Assembly

With a quick change assembley and a caliber conversion kit (sold separately), you can convert your RL 550 Series press form one caliber to another in less than a minute.


  • Powder measure
  • Powder die
  • Toolhead
  • Toolhead stand

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1 review
Great Gear!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Nov 16, 2018
I haven't purchased this item from Creedmoor Sports but their prices are certainly fair. WRT the Quick Change setup here, I have a half-dozen or so of them in a variety of calibers for my convenience. Not that anyone would suggest or imply you should hustle to change calibers with blistering speed and set yourself up for a possible problem, using care and having these tools preset for your favored calibers sure makes life simple for the involved reloader. The BEST part about having and using preset toolheads is that you have VERY few adjustments to make when changing calibers. Certainly you should check and adjust your powder measurement drops before starting to load in earnest (several factors can make powder drop weights change as you'll learn) so verifying the appropriate amount of powder is being dropped into each case is smart. Obviously you don't want to wreck any gun but, more importantly, you DON'T want to hurt yourself or bystanders due to negligence and too heavy or too light a powder charge. So if you use your Dillon RL550 to load LOTS of ammo and if you load for several different calibers, get a few of these. They are a huge help to have. Good Luck.

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