Berger 6mm 109 gr LR Hybrid Target Bullet

$ 49.95

Berger 6mm 109 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target Bullets

Berger's new 6mm 109 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target Bullets incorporate an improved center of gravity and ballistic coefficient through Berger's new and innovative MRT (Meplat Reduction Technology) System, which utilizes game-changing manufacturing processes unique to all other bullet maker's designs. Berger's MRT System applies controlled pressure along the projectile nose, producing a homogeneous and repeatable bullet profile creating the industry's most consistent Ballistic Coefficients. Competitive shooters recognize the importance of a high BC, however, shot-toshot BC consistency becomes hyper-critical when engaging targets to 1,000 yards and beyond. Berger's ballistic coefficients are Doppler-radar proven and industry-leading in consistency, unmatched by all others.

  • Berger Part #22485
  • Box Count 100
  • G1 BC 0.568
  • G7 BC 0.292
  • Minimum Twist Rate 1:8"
  • Box Weight 1.7
  • Box Dimensions 3.4 x 3.4 x 1.7