Rifleman's Classic Cartridge Comparison Guide

$ 16.95

The Rifleman's Classic poster includes over 300 American, British, European & Metric Rifle cartridges as well as some well-known proprietary cartridges. It also has a good representation of military small arms cartridges dating back to WWI.

-Includes classic hunting cartridges as well as many military cartridges that are now used as hunting cartridges from all over the world.

-Includes standard American cartridges as well as European cartridges such as Lapua, RWS, Brenneke, Sauer, Forrester, Sako, Norma, and others.

-Includes some Wildcat and Proprietary cartridges that may be very common or in high demand in some regions for hunting or sporting aspects such as: 220 Russian, 5.6x52R Savage High Power, 22-06, 6x47mm, 300 Olympic, 300 Norma Mag, 338 Norma Mag, Swiss Sporting, 585 Nyati, 577 T-Rex, 600 & 700 Nitro Express, and others.

Actual Size

Gloss Paper

36x24 1/16

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