Anschutz Canvas/Leather Shooting Coat


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Anschutz Canvas/Leather Shooting Coat

We collaborated with Ahg-Anschutz to design this high quality canvas and leather coat. Rigid canvas with suede leather front panels provides maximum support in all shooting positions. Tension Straps on the shooting shoulder to prevent the material bulge in prone position. The non-slip rubber on the elbows and shoulders provide positive positions and prevent slippage. An adjustable sling holder makes for quick adjustments. Moveable Screw-Fix buttons allow for individual fittings. The Black, Blue and Red color combination makes a statement on the firing line.

Key features

  • Canvas and leather build
  • Tension Straps on shoulder
  • Non-slip rubber on elbows and shoulders
  • Adjustable sling holder
  • Moveable Screw-Fix buttons

Available for Right or Left Handed Shooters.

Some women's sizes available! Just click "Add to Cart" or Call 800-273-3366 to order!

*NOTE: The buttons are NOT installed onto the coat. These are left off so you or your coach can properly place them according to size and competition rules.

Once a coat has been punctured, it deems the item non-returnable.

Coat Materials:

Includes buttons on the side for self installation.
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