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Introducing the Progressive Method for Precision Pistol: A Training Plan for Bullseye Pistol Competitors! By X-Count Training Systems

For novice and veteran alike, this training plan is easily adapted to any style of pistol shooting or competition. Though it is written and laid out for those who compete in  Bullseye , Precision Pistol Competitions, anyone can benefit from the methods and philosophies taught within. If you are a practical or speed shooter, simply go through the plan freestyle instead of using the one handed technique. If you don t have a range in your area that goes out to 50 yards, substitute the distance that you can use best in your shooting. This is only a guide, there are no rules! You should use this training plan to best suit YOU...and you are the best judge of your own needs.

There are numerous books, instruction manuals and DVDs out there which will teach you how to shoot faster, but very few of those volumes will teach you how to shoot better! Working through this training plan will teach you how to shoot your BEST and will be a constant companion on your quest to achieve all your goals. Although there are no shortcuts to success, using this guide will streamline the learning/training process to get you to your goals in the fastest, most efficient way possible!

Based on the same training techniques that produced some of the best pistol shooters that the US Marines have ever put out, these methods are now available, fully explained for everyone, in this guide. Derived from the Marine Corps Pistol Workbook, when the Marine Corps Pistol Team would train their members, they had the benefit of having full time coaches on the firing line every day with them, to explain every bit of every training drill. But when working through it alone, without that advantage, trying to figure it all out has left quite a few people so frustrated that they give up on the techniques and just practice what they re most comfortable shooting. While this approach will get you better, it lacks the efficiency and effectiveness of sticking to a plan.

The beauty of the  Progressive Method  is that it guides you through the fundamentals of precision pistol shooting one step at a time, isolating the focus points for each task. This is the equivalent of a self-paced, distance learning college course, you proceed as fast or slow as you like. As you work through it the first time, you ll quickly adapt and learn the un-intuitive secrets to the most accurate pistol shooting you ve ever recorded! Then, once you ve been through the plan once, you can set new goals and start again...This is the basis of your long term training strategy!

The most successful competitors in any disciple rely on one simple philosophy:  Train your weaknesses and maintain your strengths.  The Progressive Method for Precision Pistol naturally adheres to this philosophy, as you work through the plan again and again, you ll progress through certain areas faster than others, giving you true insight into where your natural strengths lie. When you come to a training task that challenges you more, you are naturally training your weak areas  harder  to bring them up to a higher level and sometimes even turning them into strengths!

This book is not designed for the first time shooter, nor will it teach you the  manual of arms  of your particular pistol. This book was designed for the shooter who is capable of the complete, responsible and safe operation of his or her firearm in an unsupervised manner. It is highly recommended that first time shooters seek out a  range mentor  from either knowledgeable and experienced friends, family members or professional firearms instructors in your local area until you can competently operate your firearm on your own.
Wire Bound, 80+ Pages.

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