Book: X-Count Training Systems Progressive Pistol Primer

$ 17.95
Here's the second book in our family of products, the X-Count Training Systems Progressive Pistol Primer: A Training Plan for Recreational and Beginning Competitive Shooters!
If you've been shooting for a little while and are wondering how to bring your pistol or revolver skills up to the next level, this is the plan for you. More than just an instruction manual, this is actually a self-paced, task oriented, guide to practice which upon completion give you the ability to confidently hit six inch targets at 25 yards! This training plan could be thought of as an intro to competitive shooting but it is also of great use to anyone who just wants to learn how to improve.
If you are starting to participate in your local club's practical pistol matches, this guide will give you an edge in the accuracy department that your peers will lack. This guide will provide for you a solid foundation upon which to build even more advanced skills at a much quicker rate than if you just try to figure it out yourself. Written for those who are just beginning to explore the competition shooting arena, shooters who are just looking to improve their accuracy will find this book just as useful.
For those who are in their first few years of shooting NRA or CMP Precision (Bullseye) Pistol, this guide will help form the foundation that you need to get the most out of our Bullseye specific training manual, The Progressive Method for Precision Pistol. Even if you've been shooting bullseye for awhile, if you can't seem to break into the expert classification or get the 255 minimum score to earn those leg points, I'd wholly recommend this book for you.
More than just the training plan, this book goes into a little more detail about the theory behind building your stance and grip as well as demystifying the concept of sight alignment and trigger control. Also discussed are different training methods which can be incorporated into training after you've mastered the subject matter here.
There are numerous books, instruction manuals and DVDs out there which will teach you how to shoot faster, but very few of those volumes will teach you how to shoot better! Working through this training plan will teach you how to shoot your BEST and will be a constant companion on your quest to achieve all your goals. Although there are no shortcuts to success, using this guide will streamline the learning/training process to get you to your goals in the fastest, most efficient way possible!
Based on the same training techniques that produced some of the best pistol shooters that the US Marines have ever put out, these methods are now available, fully explained for everyone, in this guide. I learned these training concepts while on the Marine Corps Team at Parris Island, and when I wrote this manual, I made sure to explain the "Big Secret" about shooting pistols the Marine Corps way!
The beauty of the this plan is that it guides you through the fundamentals of precision pistol shooting one step at a time, isolating the focus points for each task. Even if you aren't interested in competition at all, this guide provides a no nonsense path to better skill. Skill you might need someday if you ever have to use your handgun to defend yourself or your loved ones.
This book is not designed for the first time shooter, nor will it teach you the "manual of arms" of your particular handgun. This book was designed for the shooter who is capable of the complete, responsible and safe operation of his or her firearm in an unsupervised manner. It is highly recommended that first time shooters seek out a "range mentor" from either knowledgeable and experienced friends, family members or professional firearms instructors in your local area until you can competently operate your firearm on your own.
53 pages, 8.5X5.5, wire bound.

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