Bore Tech Extreme Clean Parts Cleaner 32oz

$ 30.95

Bore Tech Extreme Clean Parts Cleaner 32oz

Bore Tech's Extreme Clean Parts Cleaner sets the benchmark for efficient, high performance parts cleaning. Extreme Clean is a highly advanced cleaner specifically formulated for today's advanced weapon systems and instantaneously begins its assault on stubborn carbon fouling, oil, grease and debris without any offensive odors or damaging ingredients.

Bore Tech Extreme Clean Use Instructions


  1. Dilute concentrate to a 40:1 ratio (3.2oz of Solution to 1 Gallon Water)
  2. Heat Solution between 120 degrees -140 degrees F.
  3. Use 10-20 minute cycles in an ultrasonic cleaner*.
    Do not leave parts soak in cleaner for extended periods as they may tarnish.
  4. Thoroughly rinse solution from parts after cleaning.
  5. Dry & Lubricate parts immediately after rinsing with Bore Tech Friction Guard XP Gun Oil.

*For anodized aluminum & polymer parts, check every 3-5 minutes to ensure safety.

*Thoroughly clean ultrasonic tank before use if it was used to clean brass cases prior to guns parts. This prevents the possibility of brass particles bonding to gun parts.

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