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Bore Tech Proof-Positive Patch Loop

Bore Tech's innovative Proof-Positive Patch Loops eliminate the annoying false indication of copper fouling that is common with all traditional brass loops when using copper removing cleaners to clean your rifle bore. 

All Proof-Positive Patch Loops feature a proprietary alloy and secondary treatment process, making them 100% brass free and 100% barrel safe. This alloy is as soft as brass but boasts an exceptional tensile strength to prevent bending and snapping under the force of a tight bore cleaning patch.

Traditional brass cleaning patch loops are over 60% copper in their composition. When using effective copper removing cleaners this results in a blue copper fouling color on your patches when no copper is present in the bore. By eliminating brass accessories, shooters can effectively determine when a rifle bore is truly copper free and reduce wasted patches, chemical and time.


Bore Tech Proof-Positive Patch Loop Bore Tech Proof-Positive Patch Loop

The Proof-Positive Patch Loops are precision machined to strict tolerances in order to work flawlessly and provide the proper amount of pressure on the barrel surface. The perfectly engineered dimensions prevent patches from bunching and jamming when used with the properly sized Bore Tech X-Count patches.

Each Proof-Positive Patch Loop provides a completely smooth, edge free transition between the loop and rod when used with our Proof-Positive Bore Stix cleaning rods or Action Cleaning Tool Kits.

Finally an answer to your question, "Is my barrel clean"?
Yes, it is PROOF-POSTIVE clean!

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