Creedmoor Enfield Mark III Premium Rifle Case

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Lee-Enfield Mk III Premium Soft Case

Nostalgia is why you are the proud owner a Lee-Enfield, a tried and true battle proven rifle. Your rifle has done it's time being used and abused on the battlefield, earning it's resume of scratches and dents. It's time to give it some TLC. The Creedmoor Lee-Enfield Mk III Premium Soft Case is the perfect piece of equipment to keep your historical investment protected. The Lee-Enfield Mk III case is tailored to house the rifle and it's ammunition along with an extra magazine. With a generous 1/2 inch open cell foam protecting both sides of the rifle you will know it will be in the same condition that you left it in the case. The open cell padding folds for easy storage when not in use. The inside of the case is lined with micro fleece for a long case life. To keep the rifle from shifting during transport, the case includes a micro fleece muzzle cap along with three Velcro straps. The case is closed with a heavy-duty double zipper pull for extended zipper life. The outside of the case is built with a weather resistant cordura shell.  Four 2-clip pouches with Velcro closure are included and lay flat when not in use. Along with the four clip pouches, an additional magazine pouch is included that also lies flat when not in use. To carry the case, you have two options, a carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. A loop is included at the muzzle end of the case for easy storage if you choose to hang the case. The Lee-Enfield may be a British rifle, but the Lee-Enfield Mk III Premium soft case is a truly American made case. Built in Alabama with American pride.

Key Features:

1/2 inch open cell foam padding

Lined with micro fleece

Double Zipper pull with a heavy-duty zipper

Micro fleece muzzle cap and 3 velcro straps

4 2-clip lay flat pouches

One magazine pouch

Gun book pocket included on the inside of the case

Carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap

Weather resistant cordura shell

Embroidered patch that reads Enfield on the outside of the case


This case will fit the Lee-Enfield Mk III and the Lee-Enfield Mk III *

25.2 Barrel length

Built to order

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