Creedmoor Soup Can Rifle Rest

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Creedmoor Soup Can Rifle Rest


The Creedmoor "Soup Can" Rest Bag was designed to be a hand-held squeeze rear bag for long range precision shooting. Our rear squeeze bag is shaped just like a can of chicken noodle soup to ergonomically fit your hand. The shell is made with a high strength lite Ripstop material that flows with the plastic bead filler. With a combination of the plastic bead filler and the non-slip rubber at both ends, the hand held rifle rest will give you a rock steady platform during shooting. We also installed a 1.5" adjustable nylon strap for all size hands. This bag is made in the Anniston, Alabama.


Length (Top to Bottom): 5"

Diameter: 3.5"

This item is made when ordered. Product can take 7-10 days to ship.

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