Creedmoor Sports Barrel Temp Strip w/Adhesive Backing 3pk

$ 12.95

Creedmoor Sports Barrel Temperature Strip with Adhesive Backing (3 Pack)

Keeping track of barrel temperature is one of the things that is often overlooked during shooting but can play an important role in diagnosing issues that can occur when the barrel begins to warm up.

These issues may include
1. Increased throat erosion, i.e., shorter barrel life
2. Unexplained fliers
3. Increase in shot dispersion leading to increase in group sizes

As most shooters know, the cold bore shot is only seen once on a rifle at the start of a match. That is why shooters fire fouling shots to help "foul" the barrel. This not only spreads carbon, copper and lead fouling down the bore, it also warms up the barrel. This prepares the barrel so that every round chambered is encountering a dirty warm barrel. Keeping tabs on barrel temperature is an important metric that most shooters miss during their load development or during competition shooting. The few shooters who do keep track of this metric are forced to use temperature strips that lack good adhesion, can be hard to read, and may not have a temperature range that is useful in many shooting conditions. That is why we set out to purpose build a temperature strip for the shooter. The temperature range of 30-160° spaced in 10° increments fit most shooters in most shooting situations. You can keep tabs on your barrel temperature if you are working up a load in the mid-winter snow of Utah or during the desert summers in Arizona. The 1 inch wide 6 inch long LCD strip securely adheres to even pencil thin barrels and will provide many years of service.

A barrel temperature strip does not inherently help you shoot better but it does help you fine tune a shooting cadence that will help maintain a consistent barrel temperature. This will help improve performance translating to more consistent group sizes on target. In general, we recommend that if a barrel begins to reach 140°, it is too hot and continuing to shoot at these temperatures accelerates barrel wear and ultimately leads to a short service life. The optimal barrel temperature is going to be dependent on the rifle. Keeping notes and recording barrel temperatures when the best groups are shot will aid in establishing correlations between barrel temps and on target performance which does help the shooter produce better results.

For best performance, we recommend placing the barrel temp strip near the receiver on the thickest part of the barrel. This will promote better adhesion and will help to measure the temperature near the throat of the barrel where the greatest amount of heat is transferred into the steel. This will also protect the LCD windows from unexpected impacts that may damage panels.

These barrel temperature strips use a 3M® adhesive and will stick to blued, parkerized and stainless barrels given that the area is properly prepared, i.e., a clean surface free from oils and dirt. We have found, in most cases, removing the temp strip will not leave any adhesive residue. However, if there is residue left behind, we recommend spraying Brakleen® on a rag and wiping down the affected area. The Brakleen® will break down any remaining adhesive.

Some bore cleaners and oils may damage the LCD panels or the adhesive. For this reason, we recommend protecting the strip during rifle cleaning.

Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight can begin to damage the LCD panels. This happens over the course of months, not days or hours, on the shooting range. These strips should provide many years of service when adhered to a rifle. But storage of the strips should be done out of direct sunlight.

The operating range of the adhesive is -50°F and in excess of 250°. However, we do not recommend attaching this temp strip to suppressors as suppressors can reach temperatures more than 300° and will damage or melt the strip.

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