Creedmoor Sports Comparator Stand w/Granite Base

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Creedmoor Sports Comparator Stand W/Granite Base

The granite stand is the perfect companion tool for handloaders who are looking to make quick and accurate comparative measurements. The base measures 6x6x2in and it weighs nearly 10lbs. The granite has been milled to a near perfect flat surface perfect for use as a reference plane for all of your comparative measurements.

When paired with a dial indicator, and L.E Wilson Case gauge (Or similar Gage) , a handloader can measure shoulder set back, and make adjustments to a sizing dial. Once the perfect set back has been established, the handloader can then periodically check to make that the sizing process is providing a consistent results. There is no more guess work and keeping track of numbers from repeated caliper measurements, a simple drop of the probe will tell you if you are .000in, +0.003 or -0.001 from the target you set.

How does a comparative measurement differ from an absolute measurement?

When we measure Cartridge Overall Length (C.O.L) with a pair of calipers, that is an absolute measurement. It is the distance between the bottom jaw of the caliper, to the top jaw. An absolute measurement might look like 2.800 if your measuring a 308 Win.

A comparative measurement is a measurement made between two or more objects. We have also used calipers to do this. Typically it looks something like this, 2.795in, 2.798in, 2.800in, 2.8001. Every time you make a measurement you have to mentally, and sometimes physically, do the math to understand where your target was (2.800in) and how much difference there is between the target and your current measurement. When a dial indicator is used and properly “zero’d” you simply place the probe on the area to be measured and the indicator will tell you the difference. No math involved, a comparative measurement will looks like this -.005, -.002, 0.000 and +0.001 respectively.

When we are handloading we are looking for consistency which is a comparative measurement. The granite stand gives the handloader the ability to make these quick and easy comparative measurements.
We offer a variety of tools designed to make the most of your Granite Stand, the Bullet Comparator and the Shoulder Datum Tool can both mounted to, and used to make comparative measurements with the Granite Comparator Stand. This free’s up your calipers to keep track of other important measurements during the loading process.

The Granite Stand ships with the following:

  • 6x6x2 Grade B Granite Surface Plate
  • 8in Chrome Plated Upright
  • 4 Adhesive rubber feet
  • Hardware Kit
  • Instruction Book

Please Note: This stand does not ship with a dial indicator. This stand is compatible with any dial indicator that has a lugged back and can accept a ¼-20 screw. We do offer the SPI 0 to 1in dial indicator if you do not already have a dial indicator.