Creedmoor Sports T-7 Adaptive Press Combo

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Creedmoor Sports T-7 Adaptive Press

The T-7 Adaptive Press is the result of collaboration between Creedmoor Sports and Redding Reloading Products. The press combines the time-tested Redding T-7 turret press with the precision-machined, stainless steel Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head. The T-7 Adaptive Press offers the greatest upgrade by offering the innovative Wedge die insert system and allowing handloaders to use the more robust 1-1/4" dies.

With a fit and finish second to none through precision machining and premium materials, and the ability to accept both standard 7/8" and 1-1/4" reloading dies, this press head is truly worthy of being paired with premium and large format dies from top-tier manufacturers such as Triebel and others.

Innovation at its Core - The Adaptive Wedge System
This press head incorporates an innovative new system called the Adaptive Wedge system; a set of wedge-shaped die holders which offer precision fit and positioning as well as multiple die size capability. The handloader can purchase wedges individually, or in sets, and for different size dies creating their own customizable and repeatable reloading die system. Each wedge is a self-contained unit that repeatedly positions the die in the head. You set the die up once, screw in the thumb screw and you are set. The wedge can be slid in and out of the head and will always be set up precisely where you left it. The die mounting positions are precisely located and cut to offer an ultra-smooth thread making a perfect platform for premium die sets.

Premium and Precision - The Adaptive Press Head
The Creedmoor Adaptive Press Head is a direct drop-in upgrade to the Redding T-7 and can be installed in a matter of minutes. This press head is precision manufactured from stainless steel. The premium finish looks good and makes a nice addition to the reloading bench. It offers high corrosion and wear resistance and incorporates a thread quality second to none. The machining process is held to tight tolerances with particular care paid to maintaining flatness of both top and bottom surfaces. Maintaining a true perpendicular relationship between the head and die results in higher quality and more consistent loads by reducing run-out in bullet seating operations. Incorporating a unique integral detent and track system, the indexing ball is captured during rotation which reduces wear and makes transitioning from station-to-station extremely smooth, positive, and repeatable.
The Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head Family is proudly Made in the USA!

Features and Benefits

  • Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Wedge system compatibility
  • 7/8" and 1 1/4" die compatibility
  • Direct drop-in fit
  • Three position Adaptive Wedge locations
  • Manufactured from solid stainless steel - corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Precision cut die threads - enhanced die-to-thread engagement
  • Precision milled ball track and detents - smoother transitions from station to station
  • Two threaded handle positions
  • Included handle enhances feel and is threaded to stay attached during long reloading sessions
  • Machined to ensure flatness of both top and bottom surfaces
  • Improved press head lockup
  • Made in USA

Product Includes

  • Creedmoor Sports Adaptive Press Head
  • Redding T-7 Turret Press body
  • Precision brass bushing
  • Threaded four-inch ball-end style handle
  • Three 7/8" and three 1 1/4" Adaptive Wedges