Creedmoor Sports Wind Flag/Indicator

$ 38.95

Creedmoor Sports Wind Flag/Indicator

Reading and correcting for wind is one of the most challenging aspects of precision rifle shooting. The Creedmoor Wind Indicator is designed to give the shooter an indication of wind intensity and direction. The lightweight construction and hardened bearings work in tandem to provide feedback to the shooter on wind direction. This attention to detail allows the indicator to respond quickly and accurately to changing wind conditions. The included long tail high visibility streamer works well as an indicator of wind velocity. The shipping carton doubles as a convenient storage container, and the included two-piece stake and bubble level makes for easy transport and quick set-up.

Wind often changes direction and intensity at different distances from the shooter. For this reason, we recommend setting up multiple flags spaced at equal distances down the range. 

This product is proudly Made in the USA!


  • Hardened ball bearing and axle
  • Integral bubble level
  • Carbon fiber rod construction
  • User adjustable pivot
  • Red and white two-tone construction


  • Wind Flag/Indicator
  • 36 Inch two-piece steel stake
  • Carrying and storage box
  • High visibility bright green tail streamer
  • 2-piece high visibility red vinyl stickers


  • Made in USA
  • Wind Flag/Indicator: Length: 27 in, Height: 5 in Tall
  • Stake: Height: 36 in when assembled

Usage/Tech Tips:

  • We suggest lightly cleaning all vane surfaces with a clean paper towel or cloth with water and let dry before applying stickers
  • Peel back a couple of inches of overlay in one corner and align the overlay with the vane as close as possible. One main tail vane it is easier to start in one of the corners that has a hole. Lightly use a credit card as a squeegee to remove as many air bubbles as you peel back and apply more of the overlay. When complete go back over the overlay with the card to ensure the overlay is completely adhered to the vane surface especially on the edges.
  • Most traditional benchrest wind flags have orange/red on the vane side that would be indicating a right to left wind direction. If the flag is laying on your table you would want the nose piece on the right and the tail piece on the left when applying the included red vinyl. The other direction would be indicated by the white vane color or purchase the Creedmoor Vinyl Overlay Kit for additional colors.
  • Traditional benchrest shooters align their flags in a line from the target to the right side of the bench with 3 to 5 flags spaced over the 100 yards (depends on your budget). Some shooters will align the other way. Depends on how you view the flags. At 200 yards, traditional benchrest shooters will use 6 flags.
  • You want your flags high enough that they are not in the bullet path but high enough that you can see them thru your rifle scope or by peeking over the top of the scope or one side.
  • You generally want the first flag at about 15 to 20 yards from the bench and about the same distance coming back from the target frame.
  • Every range is difference and some areas are critical for being influenced by the wind. If you have openings in a wind break of trees, you might place one aligned with that opening. Berms can also be wind disrupters when the wind comes over the top and affects your bullet path.
  • Try to shoot your group with the wind flags showing the same wind condition if possible. If you can, shoot sighters on another target to verify the condition. This is why benchrest shooters have a sighter target below the record target that they can go back and forth to.
  • Understand how the quartering or angled winds affect your bullets path. Obviously at the same wind intensity a full value wind (9 o’clock to 3 o’clock or vise versa is a full value wind). Angling towards or away from you reduces the horizontal movement of the wind condition at the same wind intensity.
  • There are valuable sources (video and text) on the internet that will provide a lot of information on how to read the wind.
  • Made in USA
  • Wind Indicator: Length:  27 in, Height: 5 in Tall
  • Stake: Height: 36 in when assembled
  • UPC: 857699008950