Dillon Belted Magnum Powder System

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Dillon Belted Magnum Powder System

Magnum rifle cartridges can require from 70 grains to well in excess of 100 grains for a single charge. Dillon's new "Belted Magnum" Powder System feature a new, maximum-capacity, steel powder bar that can dispense more than 100 grains of extruded IMR powder. 

Dillon's new powder system can be used with your RL 550, XL 650 or BL 550 reloader, and is ideal for loading large-caliber, magnum rifle cartridges. Dillon tested this system with various extruded rifles powders and found that powder charge variations stayed within plus-or-minus three-tenths of a grain. 

The "Belted Magnum" Powder System is based on our SL 900 Shot Dispenser, so the Maximum Charge Bar won't work in our standard powder measures - you'll need to buy the entire system. The good news is that the "Belted Magnum" Powder System has an integral drain, so it's easy to empty the hopper in order to change powder types; so, if you load several big calibers with various powders, it's easy to switch from one to another. 

Keep plenty of extra powder on hand, because when you're dispensing 100-plus grains into every cartridge, you're gonna need it! 

Note: The toolhead and toolhead stand are not included. (shown in picture)

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