Forster Bench Rest Powder Measure

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Forster Bench Rest Powder Measure

The Bench Rest Powder Measure keeps your powder flowing evenly. Its long, narrow, powder-charge reservoir minimizes shearing.

The charge arm meters the powder and dispenses a flow of consistent charges using your choice of gun powder. For example, it will measure from 2½ grains of Bullseye® to 95 grains of IMR 4320 or Alliant Reloder 15.

The powder hopper is designed to eliminate variation in charges due to changes in the volume of powder contained in the hopper. The small outlet on the hopper serves as a built-in baffle, regulating the powder leaving the hopper and entering the measure in a uniform manner.

The Powder Measure comes with two large drop tubes for large and small capacity cases. The integral C-clamp fastens securely to a bench or shelf. An optional Stand is sold separately.

With the superior design of our Bench Rest Powder Measure you are able to achieve repeatability within 1/10th of one grain, along with throwing a charge every 4 seconds.